Convenience and Efficiency: A Look at our Accessories, Packaging, and Labeling (Part One of Two)

In the fashion business the primary item, be it a suit or a dress, tends to get the focus of attention. One might argue that this is completely reasonable and no surprise. However, it can often be... Read More

What’s Ready To Go

Convenient availability and rapid delivery are fast becoming standard customer expectations across a wide spectrum of products in our contemporary economy. Shouldice Designer Stone has built its... Read More

Holiday Season Office Hours

We expect you are looking forward to the Christmas and New Year break as much as we are. The Shouldice office will be closed starting on Thursday December 24 and reopening Tuesday January 5. We... Read More

Minto Selects Shouldice for Ivy Ridge Development

Shouldice Designer Stone is proud to have been selected by Minto Communities as the exclusive stone vendor for its Ivy Ridge community development project in Whitby, Ontario. Minto describes this... Read More

Where is Shallow Lake?

Shallow Lake is where we have been manufacturing all Shouldice Designer Stone products since 1947. The Contact Us section of our website identifies our location as: 281227 Shouldice Block... Read More

Unique Personality Born of Colour Blends

The primary benefit of teaming up is to gain access to multiple skills, talents, characteristics or qualities. Individual strengths may be formidable but partnering can enhance those strength and... Read More

Estate Stone Goes Polar

Shouldice Designer Stone is proud to announce the introduction of a new Estate Stone colour – Polar. Polar has been added to the Estate Stone line in response to the contemporary architectural... Read More

Stone Enhances Design Features

Our feature project this month is more than a remarkable example of stunning architectural design. It also demonstrates how thoughtful design elements can enhance the traditional power of... Read More

Shouldice Embraces Avant-Garde

This month’s feature project can very reasonably be described as avant-garde. It includes a number of features, generally not seen in combination, that together convey a decided contemporary, edgy... Read More

Simplify with Quality Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete products from Shouldice Designer Stone have been designed to help simplify your life. Our Precast Concrete line in both standard and custom sizes gives you the flexibility to create... Read More