Coordinating Simple Exterior Ideas To Boost Curb Appeal

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Estate Stone – The ultimate in versatility

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Interview with a stonemason, featuring AC/DC Masonry

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Modern or traditional? Estate Stone can do both

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Convenience and efficiency: A look at our accessories, packaging, and labeling (Part one of two)

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What’s ready to go

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Holiday season office hours

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Minto Selects Shouldice for Ivy Ridge Development

Shouldice Designer Stone is proud to have been selected by Minto Communities as the exclusive stone vendor for its Ivy Ridge community development project in Whitby, Ontario. Minto describes this... Read More

Where is Shallow Lake?

Shallow Lake is where we have been manufacturing all Shouldice Designer Stone products since 1947. The Contact Us section of our website identifies our location as: 281227 Shouldice Block... Read More

Unique Personality Born of Colour Blends

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