Dare to be Bold – A Little

Playing it safe is often just that – safe. And that is, of course, a good thing. However, stepping a little bit outside of that warm and comfortable zone can very often generate positive excitement and produce a great outcome that is just not possible when playing strictly within the confines of traditional rules.

We at Shouldice Designer Stone have built our business and reputation on Quality, Service and Innovation. Innovation, almost by definition, requires stepping outside of the box and experimenting with something new. No risk, no reward.

Whether you are a homeowner or building professional, Shouldice has a range of product types and colours that, when wisely blended together, will produce a stunning, unique and admirable result.

Here are several examples of what can be done with a selection of our Residential Stone. The base in each example is a different colour of our top selling Estate Stone. This, in turn, is blended with a 5% – 15% accent of another Estate Stone colour – Norton and, in one instance, with our Saratoga Brick. Norton is often chosen as an accent because of the dramatic contrast its rich, dark colouring brings to the overall design.

This first example features 85% Estate Stone Kingston and 15% Norton. These two colours are excellent companions as they tend to bring out the best in each other. This stone selection and placement has been well considered. It is sufficiently bold to not be missed but properly restrained so as not to overwhelm this relatively small house.

Example 2 is notably daring by blending 85% Estate Stone Wiarton with 15% Norton and then adding a skirt of our Saratoga Brick in Norton. Stunning result. The black doors and window frames, together with the tasteful and complimentary window and door surrounds contribute the details that complete the picture of an inviting home.

Finally, example 3 expresses a truly unique character with 85% Estate Stone Laurier together with 15% Norton. This blend, together with other design and colour elements of the house and grounds make for a beautifully coordinated and welcoming finished product.

Our advice then is, if something out of the ordinary gets your blood going, dare to be different. We not only have the products to achieve your vision but also the design advice to help you along the way.

For more inspiration, visit our web site at shoudice.ca or give us a call at 800.265.3174.

This is a more subtle combination but nonetheless expresses a charming, understated individuality.