Designing with Stone and Wood – Residential

Stone and wood are arguably the most time-tested and resilient building materials in history. Availability and functionality were the initial reasons behind this amazing legacy. Although this remains true today to a significant extent, there are now more reasons that this tradition continues unabated.

Two of the most compelling reasons are the creativity and genius of architectural design and advances in material application, quality, characteristics and functionality. For example, manufactured stone has dramatically and affordably expanded the application possibilities with elements such as colour, types and weight. Similarly, advances like cross-laminated timber have afforded greater scope to the construction application of wood.

From a residential construction perspective, combining wood with stone provides a wide spectrum of design possibilities ranging from classically traditional to ultra-contemporary. The images below are representative examples of just how well-suited stone and wood are as residential construction partners.

This exterior features an extensive, high-coverage skirt of Shouldice Estate Stone in the Laurier colour. This material has been matched with an equally generous application of horizontal wooden planking in a popular and contemporary rusty shade. Together, these materials bring modern inspiration to a familiar design.

This expansive and beautiful covered patio features a heavily windowed wall surround of Shouldice QStone in the highly versatile Cambria colour. This is dramatically supported and contrasted by a stunning wooden slat, beam and crown molding treatment. Another example of the perfection wrought by the thoughtfully considered partnership of stone and wood.

This northern take on west coast chic home design makes the very most of a stone and wood combination through the concentration of horizontal geometry. The choice of Shouldice Urban Stone in the Galaxy colour and the wooden planking reinforce the overall impression of the horizontal dimension so prevalent in this structure. A stunning, modern design made even more spectacular by the clever selection and application of stone and wood.