Estate Stone Norton Leads the Way

Shouldice Estate Stone has been a popular choice for years. Its multiple square and rectangular dimensions, together with ten luxurious colours, make a bold style statement and add unparalleled value and distinction to any project. Estate Stone is timeless and always the right choice.

Our current project example features Estate Stone in the dramatic Norton colour. Norton is characterized by deep browns to black and heavy grey. Complementary mortar colour and bright, contrasting accents have a dramatic impact that push Estate Stone Norton to the forefront.

The intelligent application of white in sills, pier caps, ground floor trim, and side and second floor walls work wonders of contrast that attract both attention and admiration. Complementing the Norton tones are dark roofing and black window/garage frames, eave troughs, and soffits.

A highly effective finishing touch is the confident use of stained wood accents between windows, on pier extensions, and, beyond the precincts of the home, in the fencing execution.

This home is an excellent example of how beautifully stone, and in this case Shouldice Estate Stone Norton, can lead the way in contemporary designs that feature other modern and popular building materials.

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