Exterior Accessory Home Trends To Watch

Like your car or outfit, it’s the accessories that really pull a look together. When it comes to your home exteriors, details like corner stones and window surrounds can take your home from plain to posh.

Investing in these finishing touches is a smart idea since they enhance curb appeal, help you create a unique custom design and add a touch of upscale luxury that makes your home look expensive. Find inspiration and discover which stone veneer accessories will make the perfect statement in your home by taking a look at the latest trends.

Wow-worthy windowsills

Windowsills serve a functional and decorative purpose, adding that impressive finishing touch to your windows or acting as a transition piece between building materials. Depending on the height, profile and colour you choose, they can contrast with or conform to more prominent design elements.

Combine a sleek black window sill with a white or light-grey stone to draw the eye, add sophistication and create visual interest. For an understated accent, choose a shade closer on the colour wheel to your main stone or material.

Charming corner stones

Corner stones are used to create visual interest and highlight the joining of two perpendicular walls. Often highly visible details, they help make a home look solid and stately. You can use them sparingly or extensively to add new colour, style and texture. All of our corner stones are custom crafted by skilled artisans for a beautiful handmade finish.

Well-considered window surrounds

Window surrounds are so essential to a comprehensive design that they’re more like must-haves than accessories. Surrounds also add a unique decorative element to the exterior, and they can emphasize the architectural style you’re after.

For example, you can choose stone surrounds that say farmhouse, Victorian, urban, Tudor, mid-century and more. Our surrounds are also hand crafted for a sense of refinement. You can choose from existing patterns and designs or create something custom to reflect your individual tastes.

Stylish stencil stones

Many homeowners love personalizing the look of their home with stencils featuring their street number and street name. Offering the perfect final creative touch, stencil stones evoke a time when natural stone veneer quality and craftsmanship were the standard and each home had its own unique story to tell.

Different fonts can help you communicate your personal style. A sans serif that’s thick and blocky is great for a home that’s more contemporary and modern. Meanwhile, an elegant serif or handwritten script is more traditional for a home that’s going for a classic and timeless look. You can also add graphics like a tree or flower to further customize your exterior.

Designer details

Accents that don’t fall into the above categories are considered bonus extra details that add a little more personality and flair to the exterior.

Rosettes are popular little square tiles that can be placed almost anywhere to break up a pattern. Springers, also known as keystones, are small wings that break up the linear uniformity of a standard window frame at the upper corners. Another fashionable detail is the wink, an elaborate decorative device that may act as a window surround or provide an appealing point of interest in the principal surface area.

Want to see what these stone accents might look like on your home? Try out our easy-to-use visualizer tool.