How Architects Influence Manufacturing

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Emilio Raimondo of Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc. (RAAI) located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This provided us with the opportunity to discuss the design perspective of an Architect’s work with respect to the use of stone in their projects. Emilio’s firm was established with a solid commitment to a style and philosophy of practice that is unique and engaging. Providing award-winning Architectural services, the firm has amassed over thirty years of experience.

Emilio has worked with Shouldice Designer Stone for a number of years, utilizing Shouldice products on many projects during that time. We were of course delighted when he stated, “I can honestly say, based on the decisions needing to be made related to exterior veneer selections, Shouldice is an obvious and a preferred choice”.

Providing great insight, Emilio let us know that his team of Architects is attracted to Shouldice products over other stone options for many reasons including the extent of product selection, product characteristics, durability, sizes, colours, cost effectiveness and the ability to complement other material choices made on a project. We at Shouldice work diligently to ensure we are consistently able to provide this level of product quality and service.

In fact, Bob Sanders, Director of Sales at Shouldice states “We at Shouldice value the partnerships we have developed with Architects to assist them in creating their vision. We take feedback from Architects and bring it to the product development table here in Shallow Lake. This feedback is a great help to us in determining and delivering what the Architects are after”. Firms like Emilio’s are not only customers, but also constant sources of inspiration and provide valuable information like the type we’ve received here.

Architects can be very particular about stone colour and profile and the influence they can have on an Architectural design. Emilio indicated that these characteristics have a highly significant impact and that Shouldice product choices are ideal in the design process and the all-important subsequent client satisfaction index.

Architects can influence manufacturing in significant ways. For example, Emilio noted that the availability of multiple choices can serve to complement and also reinforce/strengthen a design or aesthetic direction or decision. Many Shouldice product designs and characteristics have been influenced by the Architectural needs for a specific project or a market trend. Collaborating on colours, sizes, and profiles can lead to a new colour blend, shape, or profile. As a result, Shouldice concrete masonry units offer a multitude of options for colours, shapes, profiles, and sizes.

Building material choices are of obvious importance to an Architect but how significant is masonry choice for the long-term viability of a building? Emilio believes that masonry is crucial because of its durability and how it can contribute to an extended life cycle and reduced maintenance both of which are desirable and marketable attributes. The manufacturing of these products has also become more environmentally sensitive.

We were very curious to know what influence a preferred stone vendor has on the choices made and how this influences peace of mind and confidence. Our interviewee was very definite by noting this is a very important factor because the veneer envelope decision stays with the building for a lifetime. It is critical to make the right decision because the building’s appearance, performance, ultimate durability, and client satisfaction rely upon it.  Emilio noted that he is very welcoming to constructive dialogue with preferred vendors on product choices and new ideas.

We are very grateful to Emilio of RAAI for taking the time to speak with us, and letting us into the world of Architects and the way they approach their projects. We look forward to many more years of providing him and his firm with the very best masonry products, service, and innovation.

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