Contractor’s Tip: 5 ways to guide your clients through product selection

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How to add individuality to a classic home style 

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5 things to splurge on – and ways to save – when building a new home

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How to create an on-trend exterior

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Latest trends in exterior finishing

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Top tips for creating a cozy home

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Eco-friendly architectural materials to benefit you and your client

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Architects choose stone veneers for their timeless durability

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Simple finishing touches to bring style to home exteriors

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6 tips to make better home design decisions

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Creative minds: Top tips for installing and designing with CMUs

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A simple trick to boost your home’s curb appeal

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Windsor City Hall – A clinic in building a public house for the people

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Webinar: Trends & Innovations in Stone Veneer and Architecture in 2022

Bob Sanders, Director of Sales at Shouldice Designer Stone, presented a webinar with panelist and architect Emilio Raimondo of Raimondo Architects to inform and share expertise and trends in the... Read More

How to use stone veneer for a refined exterior

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Refined home exterior ideas for the hesitant client

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Creating a luxury outdoor kitchen

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Scalable design trends for home exteriors

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Coordinating Simple Exterior Ideas To Boost Curb Appeal

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Canada’s National Ballet School on Jarvis Street, Toronto

Melding heritage and contemporary architecture to make a ballet studio dance In 2005 the National Ballet School of Canada was expanded from an existing heritage mansion to a state-of-the-art... Read More

Choosing durable exteriors for long-lasting luxury

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Exterior architecture trends your clients will be asking for in 2022

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Home colour trends in 2022

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Transform your home with limitless luxury

Many of us are spending more time at home than ever, and we’re taking the opportunity to invest in our everyday spaces to make them more inviting and luxurious. If you’re thinking of a makeover,... Read More

Interview with a stonemason, featuring Norwood & Co.

We love seeing how our stone products help bring beautiful projects to life. Some of our favourite real-world examples come from industry professionals like masons, engineers and architects who are... Read More

Exterior accessory home trends to watch

Like your car or outfit, it’s the accessories that really pull a look together. When it comes to your home exteriors, details like corner stones and window surrounds can take your home from plain... Read More

Top 3 exterior home design trends

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How architects influence manufacturing

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Emilio Raimondo of Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc. (RAAI) located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This provided us with the opportunity to discuss the... Read More

Estate Stone – The ultimate in versatility

Part of the reason why Estate Stone is our best seller is because it is so versatile. Estate Stone has versatility in style and ten luxurious colours that make a bold statement and bring unmatched... Read More

Interview with a stonemason, featuring AC/DC Masonry

There is nothing we appreciate more than our customers. We appreciate their business of course, but it’s the enduring relationships we build with our customers over the years that are so satisfying... Read More

Modern or traditional? Estate Stone can do both

One of the leading appeals of stone must be its versatility. Whether applied to a traditional architectural design, a more modern layout or virtually anything in between, stone produces a timeless,... Read More

Matching stone with brick

One of the many great attractions of stone and brick is the nearly endless variety to choose from individually. This vast selection is especially interesting when you consider the possibilities of... Read More

Working with multiple materials

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is a common phrase familiar to almost everyone. It suggests that multiple elements, when put together in the optimal combination, produce... Read More

Convenience and efficiency: A look at our accessories, packaging, and labeling (Part two of two)

In Part One of our Accessories, Packaging, and Labeling feature series, we observed the many benefits that the use of accessories brings to architectural design. The unique, custom, and efficient... Read More

Convenience and efficiency: A look at our accessories, packaging, and labeling (Part one of two)

In the fashion business the primary item, be it a suit or a dress, tends to get the focus of attention. One might argue that this is completely reasonable and no surprise. However, it can often be... Read More

Smith Stone Oxenden – A perfect complement to modern design

One of the attributes or distinctions of modern architectural design is the freedom to combine multiple building materials. Combinations of glass, wood, stone, metal, or hybrid materials are becoming... Read More

What’s ready to go

Convenient availability and rapid delivery are fast becoming standard customer expectations across a wide spectrum of products in our contemporary economy. Shouldice Designer Stone has built its... Read More

We’re here for you

As Covid-19 continues to be a part of all our lives we want you to know that Shouldice Designer Stone is here for you. We, like many other construction related companies, are regarded as an essential... Read More

Holiday season office hours

We expect you are looking forward to the Christmas and New Year break as much as we are. The Shouldice office will be closed starting on Thursday December 24 and reopening Tuesday January 5. We... Read More

2020 Highlights

December is upon us. What a challenging year it has been for everyone. We are especially thankful to our loyal customers and steadfast employees for sticking with us as we all worked diligently to... Read More

Double the Choice with Strata Brick Smooth

Strata Brick Smooth was a big hit from the very beginning. This product features a smooth face in a standard size. Strata Brick Smooth is a frogged unit. Its benefits include weight savings versus... Read More

Go Ultra Contemporary with Smith Stone Polar

It is an inarguable fact that stone has a long and richly deserved reputation and legacy throughout history as a popular and functional building product. It is solid, strong, long lasting and good... Read More

Seeing is Believing

Imagining what something may look like is one thing but to actually see the final result is a definite experience upgrade. The Shouldice Designer Stone Product Visualizer is here and live on our... Read More

Estate Stone Norton Leads the Way

Shouldice Estate Stone has been a popular choice for years. Its multiple square and rectangular dimensions, together with ten luxurious colours, make a bold style statement and add unparalleled value... Read More

Commitment To Our Community Makes For A Great Company

From modest beginnings in 1947 Shouldice Designer Stone has grown and prospered to become one of the leading providers of manufactured masonry products in Canada. Nothing of course happens in a... Read More

Hello Instagram!

Instagram has been and continues to be an unrivaled success story. One of its primary attractions is the ability of users to post content, browse other users' content by tags and locations and view... Read More

Stone Trends 2020 is Here

We are delighted to release the fourth annual edition of the highly popular Stone Trends publication. Originally produced in 2017, Stone Trends, issued in both digital and hard copy versions, has... Read More

Estate Stone – Always the Right Choice

Regardless of the application, Estate Stone from Shouldice Designer Stone is always the right choice. That is one of the reasons it is a perennial top seller. Another is the fact that Estate Stone is... Read More

The Priority of Customer Service

Superior customer service has always been and continues to be a hallmark of the Shouldice Designer Stone business philosophy. We firmly believe that our business success for over 70 years can be... Read More

Feature Project – Contemporary Sophistication

There’s something magnetic about white. Its brilliance and cleanliness draws one in. Its power leaves little to the imagination yet is consistently satisfying. The truth of this is borne out in the... Read More

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Aristotle wisely proclaimed “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, when individual parts are connected together to form one entity, they are worth more than if the... Read More

Feature Project – It’s the Details that Make a House

Size isn’t everything but it can permit the opportunity to beautifully showcase just what can be done, from a design and materials application perspective, in residential architecture. Our... Read More

Being Canadian

What’s so special about being Canadian? For everyone asked that question there is a different answer but they tend to follow common and often related themes. Some of those commonalities include... Read More

Shouldice – 1st Choice for a Builder’s Package

Many businesses have built a large and loyal following by providing everything their customers require to satisfy their needs. Walmart is a classic example but it is a strategy that extends into... Read More

Minto Selects Shouldice for Ivy Ridge Development

Shouldice Designer Stone is proud to have been selected by Minto Communities as the exclusive stone vendor for its Ivy Ridge community development project in Whitby, Ontario. Minto describes this... Read More

Great Reps Make the Difference – Part 2

This is part two of a two part blog series featuring the sales representatives of Shouldice Designer Stone. It is no secret that not just anyone is cut out to be an effective sales person. The sales... Read More

Great Sales Reps Make the Difference

Not just anyone is cut out to be an effective sales representative. The sales role requires a special set of skills, knowledge, and especially a positive can-do attitude. Shouldice Designer Stone... Read More

Company History

Success in business doesn't often come from a simple formula but rather from the coming together of a number of varied components over time. Shouldice Designer Stone is certainly an example of... Read More

Where is Shallow Lake?

Shallow Lake is where we have been manufacturing all Shouldice Designer Stone products since 1947. The Contact Us section of our website identifies our location as: 281227 Shouldice Block... Read More

Family Tradition with Family Pride

Shouldice Designer Stone was built on integrity. When your name is on the stone veneer product, you take great care to deliver on your commitments and live up to the family legacy. No short cuts; no... Read More

Stone – Modern and Versatile

Despite having an ancient history as a building material, stone continues to make a major contribution to modern design. Part of the reason for this is the versatility of stone, as exemplified in... Read More

2019 Highlights

2019 has been another great year for Shouldice! We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to our customers, staff and vendors, all of whom contribute significantly to our progress and... Read More

Smith Stone Oxenden – Not Just a Catchy Name

This month’s feature project stars Shouldice Smith Stone in the Oxenden colour. Just to satisfy your curiosity, Oxenden is named in honour of a small community located on the Bruce Peninsula on... Read More

All You Need is a Little Inspiration

Your imagination can be set free with just a little inspiration. Whether your project is residential or architectural, the following images just may give you that seed of an idea you have been... Read More

The Log Cabin Has Come A Long Way!

It is hard to imagine a more traditional North American image than the log cabin. Although not so common these days, there are still many people who continue to appreciate the functionality and charm... Read More

Comprehensive Resource at Your Fingertips

Shouldice Designer Stone places great value on its over seventy-year reputation for excellent customer service. Part of that service is to ensure that our customers are provided with the most... Read More

The Clear Voice of Stone

Stone is unequivocal. There is no “perhaps” or “maybe” with stone. It presents with clarity and certainty. Our feature project is a case in point. One could easily associate “castle”... Read More

Making the Most of the Shouldice Web Site

In our relentless pursuit of Quality, Innovation and Service we are very aware of the crucial importance of an up-to-date, accessible and user-friendly website. To achieve that end we continually... Read More

Unique Personality Born of Colour Blends

The primary benefit of teaming up is to gain access to multiple skills, talents, characteristics or qualities. Individual strengths may be formidable but partnering can enhance those strength and... Read More

Estate Stone Goes Polar

Shouldice Designer Stone is proud to announce the introduction of a new Estate Stone colour – Polar. Polar has been added to the Estate Stone line in response to the contemporary architectural... Read More

Stone Enhances Design Features

Our feature project this month is more than a remarkable example of stunning architectural design. It also demonstrates how thoughtful design elements can enhance the traditional power of... Read More

The Shouldice Product Family – Part 2

The Shouldice Designer Stone product family is a comprehensive collection, developed and refined over more than 70 years. The result is sufficiently extensive to warrant two blogs. Last month we... Read More

Shouldice Embraces Avant-Garde

This month’s feature project can very reasonably be described as avant-garde. It includes a number of features, generally not seen in combination, that together convey a decided contemporary, edgy... Read More

The Shouldice Product Family – Part 1

The Shouldice Designer Stone product family is a comprehensive collection, developed and refined over more than 70 years. The result is sufficiently extensive to warrant two blogs. Below is Part 1,... Read More

The Art of Multimedia

Using a single material to clad the exterior of a building can produce a beautiful result. However, coordinating the cost, placement, proportions and colours of multiple materials requires a solid... Read More

Simplify with Quality Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete products from Shouldice Designer Stone have been designed to help simplify your life. Our Precast Concrete line in both standard and custom sizes gives you the flexibility to create... Read More

Style is Always a Winner

There’s just no getting around it. Great style is really impressive, by just about any standard. Our feature project this month shouts style from top to bottom and side to side. From a materials... Read More

Set a Contemporary Tone

We’ve all heard the expression, “best of both worlds.” The suggestion is, of course, like another familiar expression, “having your cake and eating it too.” It doesn’t happen often but is... Read More

Cowbell Brewing Co. Makes a Statement With Stone

Cowbell Brewing Co. of Blyth, Ont. made several innovation and design strides in the development of its state-of-the-art facility. Cowbell is an award-winning destination craft brewery, unlike... Read More

Ideal for ICI Specifications

Those specifying for ICI projects follow a process very much like consumer product consumers. They make a list of what qualities and characteristics they require and then make a selection based on... Read More

The Beauty and Power of Counterpoint

Counterpoint is variously defined as an idea used to create a contrast with the main element or a theme used to set off or emphasize by juxtaposition. However you choose to define it, the primary... Read More

A Modern Classic

MJ Brick Smooth, from Shouldice Designer Stone, is a contemporary reinvention of a classic brick veneer profile. MJ Brick Smooth satisfies a demand for sophisticated, linear good looks and the... Read More

More Than Good Looks

Structural design and building materials selection serve more than just a functional purpose. Besides achieving the goal of looking good, design and materials can convey a powerful message to... Read More

Meet Will Marlatt – Sales Representative

I was born in Brampton and raised in Huttonville and Brampton, then moved to mid-town Toronto, attending high school there. Our family business in Brampton was residential roofing & construction,... Read More

Holiday Hours

The Christmas season is here. All of us at Shouldice Designer Stone wish you and your loved ones the very best of the holiday season as well as a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019. We also... Read More

2018 in Review

To grow a base of loyal and satisfied customers often requires striking a balance between what attracted customers in the first place and the introduction of innovations to solidify that base and... Read More

Thoughtful Design – It’s A Beautiful Thing

There is often a lot to be said for playing it safe.  Too much experimentation or deviation from the norm can have unforeseen and perhaps unfortunate outcomes. However, when adequate thought and due... Read More

Designing with Brick and Stone

As building materials, brick and stone have much in common. They’re solid, valuable, durable, and fire-resistant. Perhaps because they are so alike, they seem like an unusual pair to make. While it... Read More

Manufactured Stone vs Natural Stone

Just what are the differences between and the relative benefits of manufactured stone and natural stone? Here are a few things to consider before making a decision about which is right for your... Read More

The Corporate Choice

Developing and sustaining a positive reputation and perception with clients and consumers is of the utmost importance to success in the business world. There are many things that can contribute to... Read More

Stone and Metal – Strength and Beauty

In our last blog we talked about the advantages and features of designing with stone and metal. In this issue we have selected a single project to further highlight how well stone and metal work... Read More

Designing with Stone and Metal

Stone and metal buildings have surprising advantages in aesthetics and cost. Designing with stone can add the texture that metal is missing, bringing the whole design to a more welcoming, natural,... Read More

Quality You Can Count On

Quality, like beauty, can be in the eye of the beholder. That is to say, the perceived value of certain aspects or characteristics of stone products are not set in stone, if you will pardon the... Read More

New Products for a Demanding Market

The commitment Shouldice Designer Stone has for Quality, Service and Innovation is once again evident as two new products are introduced in response to market requirements - Smith Stone residential... Read More

Stone and Glass – Meant for Each Other

It almost goes without saying that effective design is not just about shape even though shape can play a significant role in forming an initial impression. Shape can be dramatically enhanced and... Read More

Designing with Stone and Glass

Changing technology has made glass a more stable and cost-effective material than ever before. The result is that glass has become the staple of modern architecture, adding light and sophistication... Read More

The Value of the Finishing Touch

The difference between good and great often comes down to the finishing touch. It is that attention to detail that turns a “nice” into a “wow”. One way to get to “wow” in the stone... Read More

LEED Certification is Good for Everyone

Shouldice Designer Stone manufactures stone products that support the principles of LEED with raw materials, production, life cycle costing and performance. The benefits of additional durability,... Read More

Stone Meets Wood in Residential Harmony

Our first blog this month made the point that “stone and wood are arguably the most time-tested and resilient building materials in history.” and “from a residential construction perspective,... Read More

Designing with Stone and Wood – Residential

Stone and wood are arguably the most time-tested and resilient building materials in history. Availability and functionality were the initial reasons behind this amazing legacy. Although this remains... Read More

Symbiosis Makes for Great Relationships

The very best relationships are mutually advantageous or symbiotic. If there is a benefit to both sides then each participant is motivated to maintain the relationship. This is very often the case... Read More

Meeting the Challenge of Canadian Weather

One of the many wonders and attractions (depending upon who you ask) of Canada is the wide variability of the weather. With temperatures that can range between -40°C and +40°C over the course of a... Read More

Feature Project – Custom Colours – Architectural

Our most recent blog featured several examples of how custom colours can not only set a building apart from the run-of-the-mill but also how custom colours can meet a particular design intention that... Read More

Custom Colours – Endless Possibilities

Shouldice Designer Stone currently offers nine fantastic and highly popular colours. But sometimes, a standard colour isn’t quite what a customer has in mind or just what a particular project... Read More

Product Spotlight – Estate Stone

Versatile style, in nine luxurious colours, makes Estate Stone our number one selling stone veneer, split-face block product. Estate Stone – Always the Right Choice (more…)... Read More

Dare to be Bold – A Little

Playing it safe is often just that - safe. And that is, of course, a good thing. However, stepping a little bit outside of that warm and comfortable zone can very often generate positive excitement... Read More

Shouldice Architectural Stone – The Heart of an Elegant Interior Design

In our last blog we talked generally about the use of stone for interior construction. In this one we want to drill down a bit and focus on a particular project to further demonstrate and reinforce... Read More

Turning Things Outside In with Architectural Stone

Although stone is often thought of first as an outside construction material it is used just about as much to enhance, beautify and add character and personality to the inside. (more…)... Read More

Add a Touch of Charm with Interior Brick Veneer

Looking to create vintage charm or add some modern elements to your home? Interior brick veneer is one of our staple products to adding touches of colour and texture to your space. Made with real... Read More

Create an Eye Catching Commercial Building with High Quality Stone from Shouldice

Adding easy-to-do yet beautifully done stone cladding and veneers to the inside and or outside of your commercial building is a great way to personalize your space. Not only can you spruce up your... Read More


When choosing stylish stone sidings for your home or business building, it’s important to select stones that not only look beautiful, but are durable and of high quality. At Shouldice, we’re... Read More