Shouldice Embraces Avant-Garde

This month’s feature project can very reasonably be described as avant-garde. It includes a number of features, generally not seen in combination, that together convey a decided contemporary, edgy and design-forward impression.

The design makes use of no less than five colours across three main exterior building material types. These distinctions are all executed in square corner geometrics, some rather unusually positioned. The windows, particularly those with narrow, horizontal dimensions, although relatively small are strikingly visible as design features against the much more expansive metal background.

The use of Shouldice Architectural Stone provides balance and serves as a stabilizing foundation to the more non-traditional design elements. The Pearl White colour and Tex-Stone finish comfortably support the overall design treatment. Likewise, the choice of 90mm x 140mm x 590mm stone is a master-stroke that contributes seamlessly to the clean and linear impression so much prized in contemporary building design.

This project is another case demonstrating that Shouldice Designer Stone has the products, colours and sizes to satisfy any design vision or challenge.

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