Smith Stone Oxenden – Not Just a Catchy Name

This month’s feature project stars Shouldice Smith Stone in the Oxenden colour. Just to satisfy your curiosity, Oxenden is named in honour of a small community located on the Bruce Peninsula on Colpoy’s Bay, an inlet of Georgian Bay, just northeast of Wiarton, Ontario and not far from where Shouldice Designer Stone is manufactured.

Now that you are in the know, let’s take a look at Smith Stone Oxenden. But first, you should know that Smith Stone was developed to project the perfect balance of a moderately rugged stone face with the contemporary appeal of clean, horizonal lines randomly, yet tastefully, broken with variable length and height dimensions. Together, these qualities make Smith Stone a perfect reflection of our times and sophisticated good taste.

Oxenden is one of two Smith Stone colours (the other is Polar). It is characterized by a blend of neutral grey, and brown to black tones. This natural appearance makes it a fantastic complement to almost any accompanying design colour or accessory.

In our example, the black roof, window frames, garage doors, exterior light, and stencil stone provide dramatic counterpoints to the more subtle yet commanding essence of Smith Stone Oxenden. The variegated aspect of the Oxenden colour, together with the texture and variability of the stone dimensions give this home a character and personality all its own.

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