When choosing stylish stone sidings for your home or business building, it’s important to select stones that not only look beautiful, but are durable and of high quality. At Shouldice, we’re great at grade, unlike some cast stone, limestone, vinyl and wood siding options. Whether you’re looking for classic, modern or rustic natural stone veneers, our collection of stones boast a wide-array of textures, sizes, durability and flexibility. At Shouldice, we’ve been specializing in crafting quality stone grades for more than 70 years. What Makes Us Great at Grade? We believe in innovation. We know fulfilling your design dreams aren’t just about lasting beauty, it’s about making a real-world investment that considers future sustainability and your financial wisdom. At Shouldice, we include necessary stone features like integral water repellent and organic colour oxide throughout the body of all our stones and stone veneers. We confidently offer lifetime warranties for all stone siding products. The unique properties of our stone veneers make residential or commercial sidings with us ideal. Residential stone cladding product lines include:

  • Urban Stone: High-grade modern stone with colourfast and water-repellent technologies.
  • Architectural Stone: Often used in high-rises, government buildings, shopping malls and industrial applications. Highly durable and built for longevity.
  • Newport Stone: Designed with natural stone appearance and available in two pre-split sizes, which allows for easy installation and minimal waste.
  • Shale Stone: Unique striking look and texture. Choose your own specific pattern and texture.
  • Q-Stone: Crafted with water-repelling features to minimize efflorescence and maintain its gorgeous colour and appearance. Timeless.
  • Estate Stone: Represents the beauty and durability of the natural stone, great for making a bold, luxurious statement.
  • Antique Stone: Proven track record with thousands of homes in North America. Popular for ease of installation and natural beauty.

The custom possibilities of designer stone upgrades are virtually endless. Whether you’re reconstructing or renovating your property, Shouldice works with you and your budget to ensure high-grade stone selections with economic value, water resiliency and long-lasting durability. Interested in selecting stone veneers for your next projects?