The Corporate Choice

Developing and sustaining a positive reputation and perception with clients and consumers is of the utmost importance to success in the business world. There are many things that can contribute to establishing a great image but one of the most visible is the impression a corporate or business premise conveys.

From location, size and style of the exterior to furnishings, space and colour on the inside, architects and interior designers work diligently to ensure that the right message is being conveyed about the business to a target customer.

The following examples demonstrate how Shouldice Designer Stone has been put to work to make defining statements in a variety of diverse business applications.

In this Home Living example, Shouldice Tapestry Chestnut architectural stone beautifully supports the contemporary, glass-dominated design demonstrating that stone is a fantastic choice outside of a traditional application.

The use of Shouldice Tapestry Pearl White corner stones and window surrounds contributes an undeniably classic look to this micro-brewery building. This is a great way to lend visual support to such a traditional business in modern times.

Shouldice Tapestry Colby architectural stone was wisely chosen to contribute an important conservative impression to this tastefully discreet medical spa facility.

Glass is a popular choice for modern office buildings. However, architects very frequently complement a predominately glass façade with the well-considered addition of stone. In this example, Shouldice Tapestry Colby architectural stone has been strategically placed to contribute not only contrast to the glass but also depth, dimension and character.

What can be concluded is that stone, independently or in harmony with other building materials, is an ideal choice to achieve virtually any design goal for a modern business.

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