The Value of the Finishing Touch

The difference between good and great often comes down to the finishing touch. It is that attention to detail that turns a “nice” into a “wow”. One way to get to “wow” in the stone business is with a custom mortar application.

There are so many options available that, regardless of the type of stone or brick you may be working with or the size of the job, there is a custom mortar application that will make your project dazzle the fans.

The style of mortar joint itself is worthy of considerable consideration (see image). With alternatives including extruded, vee, concave, struck, weathered, beaded, flush and others the mortar joint style can have a significant and even dramatic influence on the final appearance.

Combine the selection of mortar joint with virtually endless mortar colour possibilities and you have custom alternatives that give your job real character, personality and even pizzaz. For example, for a truly dramatic presentation black mortar is proving to be a popular, contemporary choice. See the accompanying gallery for several inspiring alternatives.

As influential and effective as mortar style and colour can be, the main event remains the stone or brick. Shouldice Designer Stone has that covered with quality, style and colour selection including custom possibilities. We are also always happy to consult with you on everything from design considerations to installation techniques.

And remember, the job’s not done till the finishing touches are complete.