Thoughtful Design – It’s A Beautiful Thing

There is often a lot to be said for playing it safe.  Too much experimentation or deviation from the norm can have unforeseen and perhaps unfortunate outcomes. However, when adequate thought and due consideration is exercised before moving away from the traditional or expected, the result can be quite wonderful.

Our feature project is an excellent case in point.

The owner of this home could very easily have decided to clad this house with a single type of stone in a single colour. That decision would, no doubt, have resulted in a lovely and very acceptable finished product. However, the decision was made to blend stone types and colours. The result takes what may have been very good to very great!

The stone utilized on the upper portion is Shouldice Estate Stone with a colour blend of 85% Wiarton and 15% Norton. This blend is demonstrably complementary yet yields an impression that goes beyond what a single colour could have achieved.

The brick skirting is Shouldice MJ Saratoga Brick in Norton. This, of course, breaks the continuity of the Estate Stone but in a completely harmonious fashion. Together, the stone and brick combination elevates the character of this home and gives it real personality and individuality.

The well-considered use of accessory stone in the window and door surrounds, keystones and sills further enhances this already striking design execution. Add to that the sharply contrasting black for doors with the neutral board and batten look below the main peak and you have the ultimate demonstration of how well-considered design can make stunning use of a variety of types, styles and colours of several building materials.

The morale of this story is to not be hesitant to try something different. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and Shoudice can help you every step of the way. Visit our website or call us at 800-265-3174 for more information and design ideas you’ll love.