Transform your home with limitless luxury

Many of us are spending more time at home than ever, and we’re taking the opportunity to invest in our everyday spaces to make them more inviting and luxurious. If you’re thinking of a makeover, consider these renovation projects to upgrade your home in style.

Luxury laundry room

Over the last couple of years searches for luxury laundry rooms have increased elevenfold on Pinterest, making this one of the top spots to transform with a lavish reno. Make the space tidy and efficient by organizing with open shelving, baskets, and hooks. Then add a touch of extravagance by ditching the fluorescent lighting and opting for a chandelier and recessed lighting instead. For the walls, neutrals can make the space feel fresh and clean while a bold wallpaper can add some fun.

Luxury exteriors

Improving your curb appeal can do wonders for the first impression made by your property, while delivering one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement project. Freshening up your front door with a coat of paint and a new knocker or hardware is an easy step to get started. Further, replacing your siding with stone veneer may sound expensive, but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to give your exteriors a grand transformation. Our Estate Stone is a great choice for designer stone veneer. It comes in 11 luxurious colours to help you make a bold style statement and bring unmatched value to your home.

Luxury nooks and crannies

Forgotten spaces can become conversation starters with the right furnishings and décor. Is there an awkward nook in your hallway? Upcycle a delicate vintage dressing table and add a statement mirror to turn it into a staging area to check your hair and makeup before you head out. Is there a window in a neglected corner of your living room? Add a large potted plant with bright foliage for effortless character or set up a pretty chair and cozy blankets to create a cute reading nook.

Luxury bathrooms

Bathroom renovations traditionally have a very high return on investment and are one of the most popular rooms for makeovers. The upscale spa look is a favourite for a reason — it evokes feelings of comfort, wellness, and relaxation that are normally a rare treat. To get the look at home, invest in deluxe towels and bathrobes, soft glowing lamps and a statement bathtub, such as a classic clawfoot or freestanding whirlpool. In terms of materials for flooring, walls and backsplashes, concrete, stone, wood, glass, and ceramic are all great choices.

Looking for more ideas to make your home look chic and expensive? Check out our inspiration gallery to see how different styles and colours of our designer stone can have a beautiful impact on the outside of your home.