Turning Things Outside In with Architectural Stone

Although stone is often thought of first as an outside construction material it is used just about as much to enhance, beautify and add character and personality to the inside.

There are countless examples of office buildings, theatres, hospitals, libraries, schools and other large construction projects that have taken advantage of the unique character, quality, versatility and practicality of stone.

Perhaps most importantly stone is utilized because of the impression it makes. The ideas of durability and longevity are obvious. Related to this are strength, reliability and trust all expressed in a wide spectrum of imposing design possibilities.

From the sophisticated and rich polished finish of the very finest manufactured stone to the day-to-day workhorse of standard concrete block, stone can meet just about any requirement the most demanding designer, architect or mason can conceive.

As a standalone material or as a compliment to other interior finishes, stone is hard to beat on any measure of cost, durability, beauty or maintenance. Just look around, it’s everywhere to see.

Architectural stone from Shouldice Designer Stone, with its broad selection of profiles, colours and sizes provides everything you need to create an enduring impact for years to come.

Profiles and colours and sizes

Variety is the spice of life. We have that covered with three distinct profiles to satisfy virtually any design taste or vision:

  • Tapestry – offers the sophistication and contemporary appeal of both a flat, smooth surface and precisely beveled edges.
  • Tex-Stone – the broad appeal of Tex-Stone with its textured surface strikes a perfect balance between Tapestry and Rock-Stone.
  • Rock-Stone – the rugged profile of Rock-Stone reflects the traditional strength of split face block stone that has endured for centuries.

Each of the profiles described above is available in 9 popular and distinctive colours. However, if you are looking for something different Shouldice can produce just about any custom colour you may desire.

Add to that the availability of 9 solid unit and 4 hollow core sizes and you have everything you need to complete a distinctive and high-quality project.