Working with multiple materials

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is a common phrase familiar to almost everyone. It suggests that multiple elements, when put together in the optimal combination, produce something superior to the individual elements on their own. This is certainly no more true than it is with architectural design.

Shouldice Designer Stone products have been beautifully installed in partnership with a wide array of supporting materials including glass, metal, wood and a variety of other natural and manufactured elements.

The example above illustrates this, featuring Shouldice Estate Stone in the colour Wiarton. Wiarton exhibits shades of light to deep slate grey, just right for contemporary applications that utilize glass and black accents. This project is a perfect reflection of this description as it beautifully combines Estate Stone Wiarton with vertically installed, colour contrasting wooden panels, strongly supported with black trimmed contemporary windows and doors.

For an extensive selection of building materials that partner well with Shouldice Designer Stone products we suggest you visit our dealers. These dealers distribute a wide range of building materials, lumber, and renovation products, including our own product line.

Manufacturers such as Maibec CanExel Engineered Siding offer a fantastic selection of Genuine Wood Siding products that you can use to achieve a similar result to the home we see here, pairing well with our own stone.

The dazzling home above is, without question, a stunning study in contrast both in colour and materials. The rusty red horizontal wood panels are an abrupt yet highly pleasing departure from the Shouldice Estate Stone Laurier stone façade. Laurier exhibits a moderate contrast between greys, browns and creams and is a very suitable accompaniment to wood and black accents such as the doors, window frames and soffits in this example.

Check out the HardiePlank Lap Siding products collection manufactured by James Hardie Building Products to further spark your imagination – with colours that are indeed complimentary to our product line. Their Select Cedarmill possesses a natural cedar look with a soft texture that mimics wood, great for a look similar to this home.

This ultra modern home features Shouldice Smith Stone in the brilliant Polar colour. Smith Stone projects the perfect balance of a moderately rugged stone face with the contemporary appeal of clean, horizontal lines randomly, yet tastefully, broken with variable length and height dimensions. The simplicity of Polar with its confident, clean white appearance makes a striking statement of modernity.

Smith Stone is elegantly complemented by the large, white engineered panels on the upper level. By way of contrast the designer has included dark and narrow vertical panels immediately above the garage and on the lower left. The black garage door, window and door frames further contribute to the contrast as does the line of black engineered panels running horizontally between the first and second level. You’ll even find our own Shouldice Estate Stone Polar on the low retaining wall in front of the stairs – a great touch to border the driveway. Making use of our different stone families and colours within projects can create memorable architecture, as demonstrated here.

Light Trim Siding Solutions offers a comprehensive line of trim products that achieves a look on par with what we see in this home. Their 5/16” Panel Trims specifically fit well here, exuding both elegance and durability.

Be it wood, glass, metal, or a modern engineered product almost everything partners well with Shouldice Designer Stone. Working with multiple materials throughout projects allows for striking aesthetics and brilliant results to emerge. The only limit here is your imagination.