We are pleased to introduce our new residential line, Smith Stone, launching in a single, contemporary colour, Polar. Corners are on every unit in both sizes. Give us a call for answers to any questions you may have – 800.265.3174.


The simplicity of Polar with its confident, clean white appearance, particularly when applied to our exciting Smith Stone styling, makes a striking statement of modernity in our contemporary world.

Smith Stone projects the perfect balance of a moderately rugged stone face with the contemporary appeal of clean, horizonal lines randomly, yet tastefully, broken with variable length and height dimensions. Together, these qualities make Smith Stone a perfect reflection of our times and your sophisticated good taste.

  • Smith Stone is a quality Concrete Masonry Block Unit.
  • Smith Stone exceeds the CSA A165.2 Series-04 and the ASTM C-55-11 specifications.
  • Smith Stone will not flake or deteriorate whether it is used above grade, at grade or even below grade.
  • Maximum water absorption by mass not to exceed 8 percent.
  • Recommended to be installed with Type ‘N’ masonry cement (see TEK 9-1A Mortars for Concrete Masonry).
  • Smith Stone is manufactured using an integral water repellent agent which inhibits water absorption and efflorescence for a lifetime of performance.
  • Minimum compressive strength 4,000 PSI.
  • Recommended mortar joint 3/8″ (10mm).
  • Cold weather construction – refer to installation guidelines.
  • Manufactured Under U.S. Patent 4,335,549 and Canadian Patents 1,169,265 and 2,127,191.