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LEED Certification is Good for Everyone

Shouldice Designer Stone manufactures stone products that support the principles of LEED with raw materials, production, life cycle costing and performance. The benefits of additional durability, design and economic efficiency are an integral component in every piece of Shouldice Designer Stone.

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Stone Meets Wood in Residential Harmony

Our first blog this month made the point that “stone and wood are arguably the most time-tested and resilient building materials in history.” and “from a residential construction perspective, combining wood with stone provides a wide spectrum of design possibilities ranging from classically traditional to ultra-contemporary.”

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Looking to create vintage charm or add some modern elements to your home? Interior brick veneer is one of our staple products to adding touches of colour and texture to your space. Made with real brick, but thinner than those used for typical stonework construction, interior brick veneers have a maximum thickness of 1 and […]

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